Il territorio

The Territory

The settlement is a real city foundation. The project was strongly supported and implemented in 1848 by King Ferdinand II of Naples, the grandson of Ferdinand IV, who in 1770 planted on the grounds of the Royal Court the real colony of Orta, Ordona, Stornara, and Carapelle Stornarella. The foundation project concludes in a sense that the whole process based on enlightened social and agrarian reforms and massive land reclamation projects.

The territory San Fernando was founded to make their own production, with specialized crops, large portions of land to the exploitation of enslaved transhumant pastoralism, and at the same time to host part of the salt who lived in the nearby city of Salt. It was the king in person to sign the project and to lay the foundation stone of this city by the plant strictly geometrical. Today of course the productive character of San Fernando has not disappeared: tagricultural production is highly specialized (especially the famous peaches and artichokes, for which an important fair is held here at the national level), while the plant in the city has allowed an evolution of regular and airy town, and the creation of an industrial area mainly devoted to the transformation of the food.